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Greenhouse gas emissions are at an all time high, and energy costs are predicted to increase with time. In the building sector, these big costs can have serious implications on a project’s operational bottom line.



Building Operational Cost & Performance

To remain profitable, today’s buildings must adopt an energy-centric philosophy — where energy conservation and greenhouse gas emission reduction measures are placed at the forefront of life-cycle costing. As a first step towards this philosophy, every project should begin with energy advising.


Proven Energy Advisory experts, reLoad will work with you to develop a comprehensive longterm strategy for your building’s energy, cost and carbon performance.


reLoad’s Energy Modeling & Advisory Services include support from concept to completed building, with unique expertise in conceptual stage project support.


Energy Targets

Design Option


Incentive & LCA Modeling

LEED & Code Compliance

3rd Party Reviews


Daylight is essential to human wellbeing and happiness. It’s also a critical ingredient to good design - with equitable daylight access now well understood as fundamental to any architecturally designed space.



The Benefits of Daylighting

The range of benefits offered by daylighting is astounding — offering positive impact on both building performance and human health. From a performance standpoint, daylighting significantly reduces occupant need for artificial lighting which in turn reduces a building’s overall energy demands and cost. From a human perspective, accessible daylighting significantly boosts occupant comfort and wellness. And with improved wellness, comes additional cost savings — healthier and happier employees needfewer sick days away from work.


reLoad’s Daylighting Services include a holistic approach with energy impacts and space quality being in the forefront.





Solar &

Shading Studies

LEED v4 Compliance


Getting your building permit issued or a project across the LEED finish line requires skilled navigation and an understanding of the nuanced credits of this sustainability benchmark. With more than 7 years of hands-on LEED and building energy code compliance experience, reLoad can provide you with tested expertise in the Energy Performance and Daylighting Category.














Credit or

Code Analysis


3rd Party Reviews


Analysis & Documentation

Keeping Your Project on Track for LEED

We apply a customizable yet systematic approach to LEED. Our approach has been built on tested best practices combined with an understanding that no two projects are the same. Both flexible and pragmatic, our approach follows a step-by-step process to keep your project on track for LEED that includes:





reLoad’s Martina Soderlund is also on CaGBC’s list of Experienced Modelers and is qualified to complete third party reviews of energy models.


Plan the analysis timeline


Review with CaGBC or USGBC


To truly receive a ‘whole building’, sustainability must become the ethos of your team’s design process. Starting at day one, this ethos should be used to guide every decision of your project’s design. Along the way, reLoad can help guide you towards the best performance decisions for your project.



Designing Green with Ease - The Benefits of Design Process Consultation

From the many variable energy codes to the nuances of LEED and net-zero buildings, designing green can be a confusing endeavour. Our team can help demystify sustainable design with our hands-on Design Process Consultation. Completely customizable and scalable, this consultation service is a great way to get direct advice on designing green for your project.


Our Design Process Consultation Services is targeted for

architects and include tailored support all the way from

creating a plan for simulation, advice on how to achieve

integrated modeling or third party review of scope and

fee, and conceptual early stage quick analysis.

Creating a

Building Simulation Plan


Modeling Advising

Review of



With a deep passion and skill for research, reLoad’s Martina Soderlund regularly participates in energy performance studies for industry, academia and government. Available as either a Project Manager or Contributing Participant, Martina is pleased to offer research services in the following areas:


  • Life Cycle Analysis
  • Masterplan Studies
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Passive Design
  • Other

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