Martina Soderlund


Principal + Building Performance Specialist

As reLoad’s Principal, Martina provides expertise in technical sustainability and project energy performance. With a 16+ year career spanning Sweden, Canada, and the USA, Martina has a comprehensive background providing building science and sustainable design guidance within architecture and engineering.

For the past 12 years, Martina has worked with energy modeling and building performance in Canada. Martina’s experience and expertise cover a broad range of building performance metrics such as envelope and HVAC design, carbon and energy performance, design for daylight, thermal performance, and energy analysis. Martina is an approved Building Energy Performance Modeler (BEMP) by ASHRAE, certified third-party reviewer by CaGBC on their list for Experienced Energy Modeler’s, a trained Passive House Professional and has worked as a building performance simulation trainer with consultants in North-America and Europe. Martina is currently part of the local health authorities task force on Resilience Guidelines on Health Facility Design and Operations and champion climate resilience planning on her projects.

Julien Schwartz


Building Performance Analyst

Julien started as a Building Performance Analyst with reLoad in June 2021, and is passionate about designing sustainable, high-performing buildings and systems that contribute to people’s health. With a background in mechanical engineering and 5+ years of experience in building science, Julien has expertise in whole building energy modelling and 3D finite element analysis with application in thermal and CFD analysis including natural ventilation studies and R&D.

Julien has been a contributor to the Building Envelope Thermal Bridging Guide and has assessed the thermal performance of a variety of building envelope systems including glazed and opaque façade and roof systems for application on Passive House and Net Zero Projects.

Julien implements energy modelling and parametric analyses, helping to design teams identity potential energy savings and guide design decisions. Past projects include energy audits of sports facilities, new construction of commercial buildings, residential high-rises, museums, and educational facilities.

Forest Borch


Building Energy Analyst

Forest joined reLoad in 2021 as a Building Energy Analyst after working for 5+ years as a consultant in the building industry. With a background in Mechanical Engineering, Forest brings with him a wealth of knowledge in sustainable building design that is focused on the wellbeing of building occupants while also reducing the building’s impact on the environment and delivering projects on time and within budget.

In his role as a Building Energy Analyst, Forest works with project teams to improve energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and embodied carbon in systems and material selections. Forest uses energy modelling and analysis to compare and communicate performance of best practice design strategies for Passive House, Step Code, and Net Zero design projects. As a WELL Accredited Professional, Forest also brings his expertise in building performance through the lense of improved daylighting, climate change, and occupant thermal comfort.

Along with his passion for solving problems concerning climate change, Forest’s lived experience building straw bale homes and installing HVAC equipment informs his personal approach to whole building systems design.

Forest is a board member of the Green Building Professionals non-profit where he leads the strategic planning committee and organizes events to foster knowledge sharing and improve accessibility to the green building industry.

Fahimeh Tatarestaghi

M.Eng., M.Sc

Building Energy Analyst

Fahimeh started as a Building Energy Analyst with reLoad in 2021, after graduating with a masters degree from the Building Engineering program at Concordia University with a focus on building envelope performance, building energy management, and indoor environmental quality.

Fahimeh brings architectural design experience from 10+ years as a project designer with an architectural firm in Shahrsazgroup, where she integrated green technologies into the projects such as including green roofs, double-skin façades, solar PV systems, and rainwater harvesting. She was a research assistant at the University of Malaya where she studied Passive House standards applied to affordable housing in Kuala Lumpur.

As an energy modeler and analyst with reLoad, Fahimeh is involved in energy modelling, embodied carbon analysis, daylight studies, and thermal comfort analysis on large projects including MURBs, institutional buildings, offices, museums, and industrial buildings. She brings her expertise and focus on carbon responsible design, understanding the operational and embodied carbon of buildings, and performing carbon studies on renewable energy options.

Strategic Partners

With a history of collaboration spanning 5+ years, reLoad is working together with Archineers as strategic partners. This partnership enables the performance of innovative engineering solutions driving a significant step towards Whole-Systems Design and Net-Zero Carbon buildings and communities.


Trevor Butler

C. Eng., P.Eng., LEED AP®BD+C

Trevor Butler, Director of Archineers has over 27 years experience of engineering design and delivery projects with a strong focus on sustainable and regenerative design. By taking a whole systems approach and seeking to fully understand client needs, leads to successful implementation of integrated, net-positive solutions.

Our passive-first approach to design that embraces the natural climatic benefits of each site – combined with the building program to create spaces that are healthy and comfortable with low-carbon footprints. Trevor has a track record of innovation in sustainability and was the Engineer on Record on Canada’s first Passive House Certified non-residential building – the Daycare at Okanagan College. He is an advisor to the Canadian Government on modern earth tube technology and has overseen the installation of over 40 earth tube systems in Canada and Internationally.